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Jerry Arhelger (AR-Hel-Ger)

When the statement is made "You may find him anywhere", it definitely applies to Jerry Arhelger. In over 40 years working professionally within the Music-Media Industry as an entertainer, songwriter, producer, seminar teacher and radio & television host, Jerry has appeared in almost every conceivable arena.

In over 35 years as a Christian, the opportunities Jerry has had to share his Christian Witness and Biblical Knowledge as an; evangelist, teacher, pastor, missionary and gospel singer has been equally as numerous & varied.

As John Eberly a Mennonite Pastor once said, "The Lord has given Jerry Arhelger a life of great experiences to share with others."

The following information is just some of the opportunities that Jerry has had in the past to serve the Lord Jesus & His Kingdom, for which Jerry gives all the Glory, Honor & Praise to the Lord Jesus & Our Heavenly Father.

Having pastored early in his 20’s and 30’s, Jerry’s heart has reached out to his community wherever he has been planted, and he has held various leadership positions in several churches.  By invitation since 1970, he has ministered in crusades, retreats, camp-meetings, associational meetings, youth meetings, and Biblical, educational, military and prison institutions in America and Internationally.  As evidenced by the Testimonials contained in the pages ahead, it is clear that the Lord has placed in Jerry’s heart a longing for souls to get right with God, for families to be restored, for precious lives to be set free from bondages and addictions, and for the saints to be revived and their souls set on fire for the service of their Savior Jesus Christ.

Jerry has been performing since he was 11 years old. A Jerry Arhelger Concert is sure to be a blessing to all. A Jerry Arhelger concert is a mixture of Jerry's own unique Country, Blues & Contemporary Styled originals, well known favorites, humor, and Biblical illustrations all mixed with Jerry's personal experiences.


Jerry has always felt that the Lord was leading him to share in word and song the message of the Lord Jesus internationally. The Lord has blessed in giving Jerry favor in various countries. In the past he has toured in close to eighty tours in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Central America, Mexico, Romania, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and the Philippines. The crusades in the Philippines opened a lot of opportunities to teach and see real spiritual disciples made.

It is Jerry's desire to always follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit as to what countries to concentrate the teaching and music ministry. When the Berlin Wall came down, Jerry along with World Care from Wales drove trucks with Bibles, medical supplies and children’s materials across Europe to Romania working with several orphanages and the Brasov Hospital. Jerry & World Care conducted nightly meetings in Brasov, Romania and Aita Seaca in the Transylvanian Alps. 

Jerry worked with Rom-Aid to tour and minister in word and music to the Romanian people.

Net Casting & Associates 

Net Casting was established in 1976 by Jerry Arhelger who is the Founding President & Director. Net Casting was developed to be an organization to assist in Ministry Development. Jerry has always had a strong desire to work with individuals who have callings upon their lives but do not know how to develop their personal ministries. Jerry has developed a seminar called "The ABC’s of Ministry Development" to help these type of individuals. He has been able to help people fulfill their God given callings for the Glory of the Lord Jesus. The future purpose of Net Casting is to establish a correspondence school for assisting people interested in spiritual growth and in developing their ministries. Bill & Ruby Horton have taken over the duties of Administrating Net Casting & Associates.  Net Casting & Associates is a non-profit covering over Jerry Arhelger Ministry and Music.